Organic Coconut Water – 350ml Natural Hydrate


Coconut Miracle Organic King Coconut Water is filled with electrolytes, is refreshing, rejuvenating, healthy and more delicious than coconut water. The vibrant king coconut is exclusive to the tropical island of Sri Lanka.

Weight :  350ml

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Coconut Miracle Organic  Coconut Water is
packed with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Coconut water’s credentials as a hangover cure, weight loss aid or even its life-saving powers when used as a last-resort alternative to blood plasma in intravenous transfusions have elevated it to superfood (superdrink?)


Additional information


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can only be achieved by using fresh coconut meat .Chemicals and high heating are not used in further refining. It is cold pressed.

Food Application

specially made for spreading, salad dressing, cooking and for many applications.


We are NOP. USDA ORGANIC, HACCP, GMP, U.S.FDA, ISO:22000, JAS and EU certified manufacturer.

Storage and Shelf life

Store in a clean, dry place at ambient temperature and away from direct sun light. This product will solidify and become cloudy below 25 oC. Before dispensing, gradually thaw above melting point. Stable up to one year from production date.


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